Business Risk Management

  • Issue-specific risk matrix and quantification
  • Event and consequence assessment
  • Insurance gap analysis
  • Crisis Management Plans
  • Needs assessment
  • Due diligence
  • NI 43-101 feasibility assessment for minerals development
  • Root cause analysis

Information Management

  • Needs assessments
  • Stakeholder issue and event tracking
  • Total cost of ownership

Environmental Documents

  • PSD, NSR, NSPS, NESHAP, Title V, Acid Rain, Greenhouse Gas and other air quality based documents

  • 112 (r) Risk Management Plans
  • EIS, EIR and Supplemental Environmental Improvement Reports
  • Regulatory applicability determinations
  • Emissions banking and trading
  • Environmental justice assessment

Compliance Management

  • Compliance audits
  • MRR Requirements documentation
  • Commitment tracking
  • Distributed or Centralized Corporate EH&S Management Plans and Integration
  • Corporate environmental statements